Latest & perfect Different Hijab styles for all Faces

different hijab styles

Hijab has been around for centuries. That being said, there are enough different hijab styles for each face shape. Whether you have a round, square, long or oval face shape, we will help you find the latest style to suit you.We often look for styles which are different for hijab, so here are the latest trends.

different hijab styles

Let’s Start With Hijab Styles For Different Face Shapes

The round face:

different hijab styles

You want to keep your hijab style quite simple. Keeping it flowy and loose is important. If you wear your scarf too tight around your face it can appear to be fuller than it actually is. Look how beautiful she looks in this loose style.


The small face:

different hijab styles
This face shape can pull off the new volume hijab style. You can make lots of layering on your hijab to give the appearance of a larger face. Don’t make your hijab too big though.

The oval face:

different hijab styles

The oval face is the most versatile face shape. With this face shape you can do most of the modern hijab styling.

The long face:

different hijab styles

With a long face shape, it’s always a good idea to have a bit of the undercap showing.


The square face:

different hijab styles

For the square face, it’s a good idea to create a point at the top of your head. This will bring a longer shape to your face.

How to wear hijab in different styles

different hijab styles

Add a neck collar for a different look.

different hijab styles

Use your dupatta as a hijab. Look how stunning she looks with the matching underscarf.

different hijab styles

The turban is another style that is very fashionable these days. Look how nicely she accessorised her look.

different hijab styles

This is a trendy way to wear hijab with a hat.

different hijab styles

Stylish and sophisticated way of wearing hijab and sunglasses. Very on trend right now.

different hijab styles

Turban style with headband and a twist held together with a ring. Simple and stylish.

different hijab styles

Double wrap hijab style.

Here are 2 tutorials on hijab styles

different hijab styles

 Hijab tutorial for headpiece.

Step 1: Place the scarf over your head with a long end and a short end. Pin it

            at your neck with a non-snag hijab pin.

Step 2: Pin the middle-piece of your headpiece onto your scarf.

Step 3: Pin your side-pieces of your headpiece to either side of your scarf.

Step 4: Grab hold of your long end of your scarf.

Step 5: Bring it over to the opposite side and pin

Step 6: Voila, the look is now complete.


Futuristic hijab style for the modern girl.

different hijab styles

Step 1: Place your scarf on your head with a long end and a short end.

Step 2: Take the short end and pin it to the back of your head, creating creases.

Step 3: Take your long end and twist it, creating a bulge.

Step 4: Place it over your head and pin.

Step 5: Adjust the scarf.

Step 6: Pin any loose ends and you’re ready to go.

There are many more different hijab styles to found. If you find new exciting ones, please do share them with us. Happy styling.