Latest Pakistani Hijab Bridal Dresses

We all know how important the dress is for a bride, and Hijab bridal dresses are very tricky to get made! However this time we will be talking about Pakistani bridal dresses, and some elements of that, may be you might get ideas for your own wedding! In Pakistan, it is not essential for girls to wear a tightly tied scarf around their head; they can wear it is just as head covering. This is because women in Pakistan don’t necessarily cover their heads like in UAE or Saudi Arabia, it is a choice. One material that is very common is lace for bridal dresses. These laces are fancily decorated with stones and sequences. High necks are not something very common, though the brides wear a lot of necklaces to enhance their beauty. The fashion keeps changing sometimes brides wear long shirts, sometimes they wear short shirts and traditionally both are worn with lehngas. The most important part of the Pakistani bridal dress is the makeup, and one can even find elaborated makeup tutorials online if they wish so. Most Asian brides get their makeup done from somewhere else; however tutorials can be used for the functions after the wedding! The popular trend is to have highly embroidered clothes, from the entire dress to the sleeves, everything is full of work! Below are some pictures for you to see how beautiful Pakistani Islamic brides are!

Hijab Bridal Dress for Pakistani Women

hijab bridal dresses pakistani

Here is an ideal example of a long highly elaborated shirt of a Pakistani bride. See how differently they wear a Hijab on their head?

hijab bridal dresses pakistani

If you haven’t already noticed, the color red is used a lot in Pakistani bridal dresses, it is almost mandatory.

hijab bridal dresses pakistani

Another example of a fashion show, again the color red is emphasized and the dress looks absolutely gorgeous!

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