Latest Pakistani Bridal Dresses Pictures 2017-2018

Stylish Walima Dresses For Wedding Pakistani Brides 2016 2017 17 Latest Pakistani Bridal Dresses Pictures 2017-2018

Stylish Pakistani Bridal Dresses Pictures 2017-2018

Oh my word! I am so excited to look at the Pakistani bridal dresses pictures 2017-2018. I just love looking at bridal wear designs and pictures of the dresses. I am always amazed at the level of detail found on the Pakistani dresses and I think brides will have a difficult time deciding on what to wear on their wedding day. For more Pakistani wedding dress designs click here.

Pakistani Bridal Dresses

Bridal dresses are very detailed and so beautiful. I wouldn’t know what to choose out of all these designs which I will be sharing with you. The colours and combinations are so stunning. I know there are Pakistani brides who like to keep it traditional and go with the red and gold colour combination for their wedding day and therefore I have attached pictures of those designs. Blue also seems to be a common colour for brides. They will always wear a blue outfit for either the walima or engagement. If it’s not blue, it would be pink and purple. These seem to be the most common colours worn by brides.

Images of Red Pakistani Bridal Dresses

Red and gold has always been the colour to wear for brides in Pakistan. I have found a simple red and gold dress below as well as the more commonly very detailed dress below. The detail on the outfit is so beautiful and in the Pakistani culture, more is more! This is one thing I like about being Indian and Pakistani, the saying “less is more,” does not apply. We would wear a fully detailed outfit and still find the need to wear bangles, rings, necklaces, earrings and head chains to complete the outfit. Leaving one of the accessories out of the outfit makes it look incomplete.

pakistani bridal dresses pictures 2017 pakistani bridal dresses pictures 2017

Pastel Bridal Pakistani Wedding Dresses

Pastel colours are common among young brides. Pastel colours are a good option to wear if you don’t want to wear pure white on your wedding day. Pastel blue and pinks are always worn and I will show you how pretty they look below.

pakistani bridal dresses pictures 2017 pakistani bridal dresses pictures 2017-2018

These pastel colours with silver gives the brides a princess look and they look so stunning.

Modern and Fancy Bridal Pakistani Dresses

pakistani bridal dresses pictures 2017 stylish-walima-dresses-for-wedding-pakistani-brides-2017-2018 pakistani-bridal-dresses-collection-2017-2018 latest-pakistani-wedding-lehenga-dresses-collection-2016-2017-8 pakistani bridal dresses pictures 2017


As you can see, cream and blue is a common colour combination seen on bridal designs in Pakistani fashion. I think they look amazing together. Wearing matching jewellery will make your outfit look complete.

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