Latest New: Abaya Style in Pakistan Collection

As the ladies of Pakistan are always looking for something new to wear, for all those who wear Abaya we have a good news for you new Abaya styles in Pakistan. Woman of Pakistan are crazy for clothes all they want is to stay updated with fashion be it with the lawn fever or heavily embroided dresses for events and occasions such as weddings and much more. In 2016-17 the ladies who wear Abaya they can also enjoy light and flowy Abaya made from materials like cotton and lawn. Black color is mostly used for Abaya but the latest collection has many light colors also suitable for the summer season, as Pakistan has very hot summers and they remain for a long time. Brands such as sapphire have silk scarfs that can be wrapped as a hijab they are so brightly colored no one would not want to buy them. Exclusive hand painted Abaya are also available they are so trendy and beautiful. Traditionally Jilbab is Arabic but now it’s available almost all around the world. Modern ladies want new designs that are not traditional, and now designers have started to introduce new cuts that give an edge to the dress. So for now it’s all about the new Abaya styles in Pakistan.


New Abaya Styles in Pakistan 2016-17

New Abaya Style in Pakistan

This picture shows a plain black Abaya with an embellished neckline, sleeves also have maroon ribbon and the scarf worn is tie and dyed in the shades of purple and maroon and is topped off with an brooch.

New Abaya Style in Pakistan

This is a plain black Abaya that has red embroided flowers on the front and the scarf is also plain black.

New Abaya Style in Pakistan

This is a plain black Abaya stitched in a poncho style and it has white embroidery all along its sides.

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