Latest New Abaya Pictures Ideas

5 exclusive dolce gabbana abaya line Latest New Abaya Pictures Ideas

These new Abaya pictures are very convenient as now ladies can look at the pictures and choose their favorite designs. Nowadays there is the trend of catalogues that have pictures of all the variety that is available in all kinds of dresses. These pictures are useful in many ways as firstly they provide an idea of how the Abaya and hijab can be worn together. As wrapping the hijab is not an easy job every time a new look is required to look elegant and beautiful. The new collection of Abaya and hijab are now in stores as seasons change new trends and styles come in. In 2016-17 this trend of Abaya pictures has started which is also good in a way, as ladies get to know about the new designs colors and varieties that are now available in stores and also online. Firstly black color was loved by ladies for evening wear but now it is replaced by other dark colors such as red royal blue and purple. So ladies now you don’t need to worry about how you want to dress up for the upcoming events and occasions these Abaya pictures are your ultimate guide to look classic and chic in a Jilbab and hijab.

Latest New Abaya Pictures 2016-17


This picture shows a plain black Abaya 2016-17 that is fitted and has black lace on it that gives it a different look the black dotted scarf and maroon purse complete the look along with these high heels.


This picture now shows a black Abaya made from raw silk and it has gold and ferozi patches of jamawar silk it is paired with a plain black scarf.


This is a plain black abaya that has multicolor embroidery on the neckline and sleeves.