Latest Khaadi Eid Collection for 2017-2018

Khaadi Embroidered Lawn shirts Vol 2 2016 2 Latest Khaadi Eid Collection for 2017-2018

Latest Khaadi Eid Collection for 2017-2018

To all the Karachites, Khaas may be a household name, but for the rest, we would like to explore the wonders of the eid collection from Khaadi for 2017. If I’m not mistaken, “Khaas” means “special” when translated to English and this is a very appropriate name for a clothing design company which specialises in eastern attire. Eastern clothing is often referred to “special” clothing or clothing worn on special occasions. Therefore if you are looking for something for  a Khaas event, Khaas would be the place to go to. We have been bringing you many fashion houses over the past weeks which specialise in eastern Pakistani clothing. If you have missed any of the articles, I am providing a link here, so do check it out.

About Khaas Fashion House

Khaadi first opened its doors in 1998 in Karachi, Pakistan offering customers kurtas and loose fabric made from hand-woven fabric. Khaadi, which means “hand-woven”, has stayed true to its name and brings together styles of both the east and west, while still using hand-woven fabrics on select products.

Khaadi specialises in Prêt (Ready-to-Wear), Unstitched (Fabric) and Man (Eastern Wear). Over the years, Khaadi has introduced a number of new Concepts including Khaas (featuring exclusive and limited-edition pieces), Kids (for 2-12 year olds), Accessories (jewelry, stoles and handbags) and Home (featuring furniture, bedding and bath items).

In 2010, Khaadi entered into the international market by supplying to different regions. The online store was launched in Pakistan in 2014 and Khaadi will look to open its digital doors to various countries going forward. The company continues on its aggressive expansion strategy by opening several retail stores in smaller cities of Pakistan.

If you are looking to visit a store, they can be located at: F-2A/I, Hub River Road, S.I.T.E. Karachi, Pakistan.

The Khaas Eid collection for 2017

The Khaas Eid Collection is what we will be needing to look at soon, with Eid 3 months away. Many girls plan their Eid outfits way in advance and I have compiled this collection especially for you.


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These outfits are very simple and I know young girls don’t like wearing very fancy outfits and simple is very fashionable. These printed fabrics in soft colours are very pretty and I am sure you will like it. Embroidery is always used for Khaas outfits and make the outfits look more fancy and special.

Summer Outfits From Khaas

Khaas also has a Summer Fashion line which has a variety of styles for you to choose from.

latest eid collection khaas 2017

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