Latest Indian and Pakistani Bridal Lehenga 2017-2018

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Indian and Pakistani bridal lehenga designs is the most searched this season. The wedding season is fast approaching and no, I’m not getting married! But I thought of you ladies who are looking for some amazing Indian and Pakistani Lehenga designs for your big day. I know that there’s a bit of a difference between the two design styles, especially where the embroidery and beading is concerned. I then thought of making this a combined collection of both Indian and Pakistani designs. We can get inspired by each others cultures and learn something new. I must say, I wouldn’t mind wearing a Pakistani outfit, as it would be something different for me, since I am only accustomed to wearing Indian outfits. For more amazing lehenga bridal designs, have a look here at a previous I wrote recently.

Bridal Indian and Pakistani Lehenga Designs

India and Pakistan are known for their beautiful clothing and what makes it so special is the detail found on the fabric. Nowhere in the world would you find such beautifully embroidered fabrics. Western culture focuses on simple fabrics for bridal wear like raw silks and their dresses are white, this is their culture. Our cultural bridal colours are red and gold. But the colour which is mostly worn is red. Don’t worry, I have attached some great colourful lehengas too for the bride which prefers a colourful dress.

Red Indian and Pakistani Lehenga For Brides

Here I will show you the red lehenga designs for both Indian and Pakistani brides. They are so beautiful. some lehengas have a full volume skirt while others have a train. The design of the train varies. I saw one where they added fabric above the lehenga and I think that looks untidy or out-of-place. I’m not sure which of the two description fits. Then you get the train which is part of the actually lehenga and this is a neater design and looks very elegant. Let’s have a look at the red lehenga designs shall we.

traditional-deep-red-bridal-lehenga-12 indian-pakistani-bridal-wedding-dresses-2012-13-bridal-saree-lehenga-gharara-dress-11 indian and pakistani bridal lehenga indian-bridal-lehenga-designs-2016-best-lehenga-choli 7_-designer-lehenga-for-pakistani-and-indian-brides-2017 indian and pakistani bridal lehenga

I love each one of them. They are truly amazing. I especially love the pink colours. The one of them have a banaras fabric which I quite like since it has a pink colour and a green sheen.

Colourful Indian and Pakistani Lehenga

I love colourful designs and these are so amazing. I haveĀ found a powder blue design which I quite like. Let’s look below.

indian and pakistani bridal lehenga indian and pakistani bridal lehenga indian and pakistani bridal lehenga latest-pakistani-wedding-lehenga-dresses-collection-2017-2018-for-brides-10 latest-bridal-barat-wedding-dresses-trends-201-2018-collection-27


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