Latest Eid Collection of Asim Jofa for 2017

Asim Jofa Winter Collection 2016 17 Latest Eid Collection of Asim Jofa for 2017

Latest Eid Collection of Asim Jofa for 2017 Designs

Today we will look at Eid collection of Asim Jofa for 2017. Asim Jofa is a well recognised designer and award-winning too. He is known for his sense of style. I have done some research on this amazing designer behind these clothes and I am sure you would like to know a bit more about the designer behind the design you will be wearing. Asim Jofa not only designs for Eid, but Summer, Winter, Lawn, Casual and Bridal wear.

Who is Asim Jofa

Eid collection 2017 Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa’s ancestors worked in the jewellery industry and this was where it all started. He then wen to study design at an institute and later won International Asian Fashion Awards and Pakistan Fashion Awards in 2012. He also received a standing ovation for Dubai Fashion Week Fall 2011. The brand is internationally recognised with outlets in Londan, USA, Canada and UAE. His dress designs have been influenced by his jewellery designs. These are evident in the prints found on his fabrics. You can see them below. If you would like to see a write-up on Asim Jofa Luxury Pret dresses, click here.

The pret design line is the trademark of his label. He also has an embroidery line which is loved by Pakistani women.

Beautiful Eid Collection By Asim Jofa

Eid is that time of year when we like to dress up. Pakistani women are known to wear traditional clothing everyday. They would therefore look forward to wearing something different and more stylish for Eid. Asim therefore has an embroidery line which is unique and promotes modern modest fashion. The clothing has loads of paisley patterns on them. It is a feature in many eastern jewellery and since Asim takes influence from jewellery, its seems fitting that they will be featured in the clothing designs. Let’s look at his Eid collection and see the new styles we can wear for Eid this year.

Eid collection 2017 Asim Jofa

This is the is a cool grey for summer. During Summer you don’t want to still wear dark colours. Soft tones make you feel and look cool in the hot Summer months. Asim was brilliant in using embroidery for the summer outfits. Embroidery is not hot and it can be used for sleeves. It is also very fancy. You get embroidered lace as well which can be used for fancy wear and Asim makes use of it here. You will find examples of them in the designs below.

Eid collection 2017 Asim Jofa

Lace is another key feature in Pakistani outfits, especially the fancy wear. Lace is used for most of Asim’s Eid collections. This is a more luxury style Eid outfit which can be worn for a dinner on Eid. The off-shoulder style is also very prominent in this range. It brings elegance and sophistication to the look while keeping it’s femininity.

Eid collection 2017 Asim Jofa

This is a Summery Eid outfit and here we see the use of screen printing on cotton salwar kameez. The floral print is also loved by Pakistani women. I think young girls would love this fresh design. I also love the colour combinations.

Eid collection 2017 Asim Jofa

Another off-the-shoulder design. If I had to choose between the above screen print design and the one before, I would choose this one. I like the abstract print, as apposed to floral prints. Lime green however is not my colour. Look how they bring in the pink colour in the dupatta which is the least featured colour in the outfit. But Somehow it all comes together beautifully.

Eid collection 2017 Asim Jofa

A soft cotton outfit for Eid-Ul-Adha. I do realise there is a mesh inner on the pants which is not for modest wear but I like the idea of having a different style for the pants. Pants designs are often neglected and I was excited to see a designer who puts effort into designing pants styles which are different for each outfit. The mesh inserted in the pants makes it look smart and the motif is very welcomed too. Motifs form part of any eastern outfit. You will notice that no outfit is complete without a motif, embroidery or lace.

Eid collection 2017 Asim Jofa

Wow, the black and green colour combination is great. It is a lovely idea to wear this on a winters Eid. I also noticed that these days the Pakistani straight pants has a pearl buttoned down detail on the paints. I love it!

Winter collection by Asim Jofa

Winter might be the worst time of year for us to dress up. The weather is icy cold and wearing fancy wear would be a health risk as they aren’t accommodating for winter. But in Pakistan, the weather is quite similar in winter. It is cold but not icy cold and you can still wear your fancy clothing and just throw a jersey or jacket over it. Most women love to wear shawls over their clothing when going outside and take it off when entering the house.

Eid collection 2017 Asim Jofa

Burnt orange and royal blue are the right colours for winter. Winter is  a cold month where we look for warmth. I believe the colour you wear affects your mood and the way you feel. If you see someone in these colours you will get a sense of warmth and that is needed during winter. Asim plays around with colour and texture for winter. Just because the weather is dark and grey doesn’t mean we have to look dull.

Eid collection 2017 Asim Jofa

Here you see screen printing for winter. I would like to know just how cold is Pakistan in Winter? Is it possible to wear this outfit during Winter? Cos in South Africa there would be no ways you could wear such thin clothing during winter. You would seriously freeze to death. Comment in the box below. I would like to hear your response.

Eid collection 2017 Asim Jofa

A similar design in different colours for winter.

Eid collection 2017 Asim Jofa

Look at this lovely navy blue and yellow outfit for winter. I would never think of wearing these two colours together but they look stunning. Do take note that Asim mixes prints. This was a trend 2 years ago I believe. I haven’t worn it cos I find that wearing a printed top with a different printed scarf doesn’t look that good.

Asim Jofa Autumn Winter Suits Collection 2016 2017 Asim Jofa Replica Online Shopping 1 Latest Eid Collection of Asim Jofa for 2017

This is one I would wear as the colours are matching. It’s beautiful how the orange and red is complimented by the peach.

Lawn Collection By Asim Jofa for 2017

The lawn collection by Asim is very popular among young girls and you will definitely see why below. It has modern cuts which shape to the body. Unlike most Pakistani clothing which is very loose-fitting, these are fitted to the body. If you are uncomfortable with it, you can opt for a looser fit. The great thing about these outfits are that they are semi-stitched.

Eid collection 2017 Asim JofaI love purple and I think this pink and purple combination is so beautiful. I don’t think the mustard coloured pants matches well but it think it was used to match the mustard dupatta.

Eid collection 2017 Asim Jofa

Wow, look at the exquisite embroidery work on this outfit. The amount of colours are also quite a lot compared to what I’m used to seeing.

Eid collection 2017 Asim Jofa Eid collection 2017 Asim Jofa

These are the outfits for the young girls which I was speaking about.

Casual Outfits By Asim Jofa for 2017

Casual outfits are most needed in our lives. We wear casual clothes daily and if you spend a little extra on quality clothing like Asim’s, it will last longer too.

Eid collection 2017 Asim Jofa Eid collection 2017 Asim Jofa Eid collection 2017 Asim Jofa



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