Latest Effa Abaya Collection 2016-17

Effa Abaya Collection

Effa offers Abaya collection for all age groups. It is one of the premium shopping portals for Abaya, Jalabiyas, Scarves and Hijabs. Effa deals in ready to wear Abaya and hijab and her designs are exclusively made for women who want to look modern and who want to be the first one in adopting the latest fashion. Effa Abaya Collection focuses on intricate details to make the garment look more appealing. Each style of Abaya signifies a passion for intricate designs, new cuts and trims and using fine fabrics to give a luxurious feel. Effa Abaya collection is designed in a way, which can convey the concept of women empowerment and elegance at the same time.  It also ensures that the quality of their Abaya’s are not understated and they use beautiful rich fabrics which give attention to detail. Moreover, Effa Abaya Collection manages to incorporate the heritage in the stylish styles and designs of Abaya, they manage to utilize the unique contemporary styles of Middle East culture and beauty aesthetic. Effa Abaya Collection is also mostly based on cultural and traditional lines as the Abaya’s are long in length and still have full sleeves. Apart from that all Abaya’s are in black colors, variations in terms of colors are added according to the demand. Effa Abaya Collection often tries to merge in various designs, colors and prints with their plain black Abaya, which makes it different and unique.

Latest & Stylish Effa Abaya Collection

Effa Abaya Collection Effa Abaya CollectionThis image shows a very beautiful black Abaya from Effa Abaya couture collection. Black threaded embroidery has been done on the neckline and on the borders of the Abaya. The pattern and cuts of the Abaya is different from the traditional cuts.


Effa Abaya Collection

This image is taken from Effa Abaya couture; it shows how Effa Abaya collections manage to merge in two colors. Both of these shades are light yet they manage to create a perfect balanced look.