Latest: Collection of Embroided Abaya in Dubai

The latest collection of embroided Abaya in Dubai is surely not something to miss out on as Dubai is the fashion hub and all new fashion trends are first introduced in Dubai and then to rest of the world. As this is a must have for all the fashionista’s out there who want to flaunt their styles and look beautiful stylish this is the new trend ladies. Looking at all these exclusively designed pieces who would wish to carry a plain boring abaya with the old cuts. Nowadays there are tutorials that are very helpful in guiding how to style and old abaya to make it look new and modern. Your old hijabs can also be used as drapes on the abaya to give it a whole new dimension. Red is the new black , come on ladies hurry up grab the latest pieces for your most special occasion before they run out of stock you surely don’t want to miss up on them. Previously jilbabs were considered to be boring but not anymore show everyone out there that looking fashionable in 2016-17 is not a myth anymore with these beautiful embroided Abaya now available in Dubai.

New: Embroided Abaya in Dubai

New Dubai Embroidery Abaya

This picture shows an beautiful plain black Abaya with an embroided motif on the back and the sleeves this is different because mostly embroidery is done on the front but this one has it one the back and the cream hijab also has an beautiful motif on it.

New Dubai Embroidery Abaya

This picture shows a simple Abaya with bell sleeves that are beautifully embroided and we can see some embroidery on the scarf also.

New Dubai Embroidery Abaya

This black Abaya has a under shirt that is tie dyed in shades of peach and these beautiful motifs make this Abaya a must have.

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