Latest Collection of Abaya 2016-17

The latest collection of Abaya 2016-2017 is quite trendy and exclusive. It is different from the traditional Islamic perspective of Abaya or Hijab as more new modern designs are involved in designing it, which makes it look quite stylish. Regardless of new designs few aspects of Abaya are still not changed and that is its length that is still long and it still has full sleeves. Many designers are introducing designs and collections in many other different colors except black. Abaya makes sure that every part of female body is covered properly and only the hands are visible and therefore every designer keeps this principle in mind. The latest Abaya collection incorporates various kinds of high quality fabric like chiffon, silk etc. New designing techniques are being used like digital printing, which is quite common these days. New variations and modifications are being added to the style of Hijab, which are very quite complex and can be learned by Muslim women with the help of online tutorials.

Collection of Abaya 2016-2017

Collection of Abaya

This image shows a woman wearing a long Abaya, which is quite trendy and has a pleated surface.

Collection of Abaya

This image shows a woman wearing long black chiffon Abaya, which has intricate work done on the top of the Abaya. It includes diamantes, which is quite common and are being used by many designers these days.

Collection of Abaya


In this Abaya, the concept of gown and Abaya are used together. It gives off a very modern yet elegant and decent look. Such styles are worn by Muslim women on formal occasions.

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