Latest and New Arrival of Akhawat Abaya Collection 2016-2017

Akhawat Abaya Collection

The latest and new arrival of Akhawat Abaya collection 2016-2017 is very exclusive and is mostly for women who love to stylize themselves. Abaya is a part of Islamic clothing and Muslim women wear it. They wear trendy hijabs on Abaya in order to look different and unique and to deviate from their everyday look. Many new styles of Abaya and Hijab are stylish since they target women of all ages. Hijab is something, which can be worn on casual clothes, and many young Muslim girls prefer to wear Hijab rather than wearing Abaya, which has full sleeves. Abaya often has buttons in the front and mostly comes in black color. In an Abaya the entire female body is covered, whereas in Hijab only head and the chest of women is covered yet both of them fulfill the same religious concept. Abaya is mostly long and the full body is covered including arms, which are covered by full sleeves and only the hand is visible. Abaya collection of 2016-2017 is for women across the globe, it does not target one particular country or the population of one particular area. Just like casual clothes collections are launched for the entire world similarly new arrival of Akhawat Abaya collection 2016-2017 is launched for Muslim women or girls across the globe.


Akhawat Abaya Collection 2016-2017

Akhawat Abaya CollectionThis image shows a very trendy way of pairing up short mini dress with hijab, which looks quite trendy and unique.

Akhawat Abaya CollectionAkhawat Abaya Collection