Latest Abaya Designer Collection of 2016-2017

Designer Abaya Collection

Abaya designer collections are launched every year but this year was different and unique because a famous brand like Dolce & Gabana launches its first new Hijab and Abaya collection 2016-2017, along with a catalogue, which will make it easier for women to skim through designs and select the best design for themselves. It tends to focus not only on Muslim women living in Arab side of the world but also women who are living in western countries. Many new latest designs are very modern and trendy, which can make a woman look fashionable. However, hijab and Abaya are still more less according to the Islamic concept as Abaya still is a very long dress with long sleeves thus making sure that the entire body is covered and only hands are visible. The new collection is very exclusive and the color black is modified in a way that it no longer dominates the entire Abaya. Many new prints are also included in Abaya so that it sort of breaks down the dominance of the color black as black is a very over powering color. Abaya has been changed into something from being something as simple as buttons in the front to being something, which has a batwing Abaya pattern. Latest Abaya designer collection of Dolce & Gabana targets mainly the elite class yet women can copy its stylish styles and designs as they review their catalogue online.

Stylish Abaya Designer Collection of 2016-2017

Designer Abaya Collection Designer Abaya Collection Designer Abaya Collection