Latest Abaya Collection in UAE of different Styles and Designs

The latest collection in Abayas of different and new styles and designs is out in the UAE! We know you all have been waiting for it and so have we! The designs are exclusive and specially made for the girls who have the desire to look stylish. 2016 is a special year in UAE, because all the fancy and world top designers have launched unique designs for Abayas and gowns! Dubai is the hub of fashion this year especially if you are looking for stunning Abaya designs! The fabulous brand EFFA is all about Abayas and evening wear! Their designs have traditional intricate stonework, as well as a hint of European elegance in them! If you want to look trendy and chic on every special occasion, all you have to do is shop in Dubai this year! You can follow EFFA and other world class Hijab and Abaya designers on facebook, and get an idea through their pictures what sort of work they do and how splendid it is!

Latest UAE Collection of Different Abaya Designs and Styles:

latest abaya designs and styles in uae collection

A stunning design by EFFA! The combination of green and black just looks amazing!

latest abaya designs and styles in uae collection

Another design by EFFA. The cut and style of this Abaya is not only unique but also extremely elegant! Who wouldn’t want to dress up like that?!

latest abaya designs and styles in uae collection

Here is an idea of the kind of embroidery and stonework is being done on Abayas! You can only find such samples and beautiful work in the UAE.

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