Latest Abaya Collection in Glasgow

Glasgow Abaya Collection offers modest wear, which includes Abaya’s, Jilbabs, Scarves and different kinds and latest styles of Hijab. Glasgow Abaya Collection is very modern and exclusive. The designs are not only stylish but they are also graceful as they manage to keep in line with the modest hijab and Abaya patterns i.e. it should be long in length and should have full sleeves. However, Glasgow Abaya Collection does not only focus upon black color, it manages to use various kinds of colors and shades which include both pastel and dark shades. Glasgow has a very famous contemporary modest wear outlet referred to as Aab, it also has an online shop for Pakistan which allows Muslim women of Glasgow and Pakistan to buy different styles and designs of Hijab from these sites. The collection of Aab is extremely trendy and up to date. It can be accessed by women of all ages and it has a weekly collection, which gives women a wide range if variety to select there Abaya and Hijabs from. Glasgow Abaya Collection is one of the leading collections who are redefining the pattern, cuts and trims of Abaya and Hijab in order to make it accessible to women.

Stylish Glasgow Abaya Collection

Glasgow Abaya CollectionThis image is taken from Aab contemporary modest wear. It shows how pastel shaded chiffon hijab can be paired up with black Abaya.

Glasgow Abaya Collection

This image is also taken from Aab contemporary modern wear. The woman is wearing a light pastel shade brown with a check Abaya, which is quite trendy and unique. It shows how women are trying to utilize prints in their Abaya’s and are trying to shift away from the traditional black Abaya.

Glasgow Abaya Collection


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