Latest Abaya Collection in Dubai Style 2016-17

The latest Abaya collection in Dubai is extremely modern and exclusive. Over the years, many variations and transitions have been added to Islamic clothing like Abaya and Hijab. Many new styles are added to them, which are not only stylish but trendy as well. Abaya is no longer seen in black color only with buttons in the front, in fact it has gone through a period of modification where more colors and material like embroidery are being added to it. Moreover, Hijab is seen as something stylish and many young girls now prefer to wear Hijab not because of family pressure or religious pressure but because they want to. Many new styles are added to hijab that they prefer to wear it with their casual clothes. Abaya is still somewhat based on the traditional idea i.e. it still has full sleeves and is long in length, which makes sure that the entire body is covered properly. Women often add diamantes on the sleeves if they’re Abaya in order to give it a formal look. Abaya collection in Dubai is still ore on the traditional lines of taking hijab or Abaya i.e. Muslim women should look decent and modest at all times, by covering their head and entire body so that only a part of their hands are visible.

Traditional Abaya Collection in Dubai

Abaya Collection in Dubai

The Abaya Fashion Industry is evolving and brings new design everyday for its customers. The designs below are from some famous Abaya designers and showcased their designs in many Abaya fashion shows. Abaya Collection in Dubai

This image shows a woman wearing a batwing Abaya, which is the latest Abaya trend followed by many young Muslim girls.

Abaya Collection in Dubai

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