Indian Models With Net Anarkali Frocks Churidar Suit 2017-2018


Latest Indian Models Net Anarkali Frocks Churidar Suit Designs Collection

Yay! Finally, we will be looking at Indian Models Net Anarkali Frocks Churidar Suit designs. I am so excited to share some traditional Indian clothing styles with you. After sharing loads of Pakistani clothing styles with you, I got used to looking at those types of designs and after going to look at Indian churidar suit styles it doesn’t look as special. It took me a while to get used to Pakistani fashion and now that I’m doing a switch back to my cultural style, it somehow feels very under- dressed  and not as fancy, like something is missing. But I guess a Pakistani would say the same thing when seeing Indian wear. I suppose all I see at weddings is the Indian churidar because that is the only cultural dress we find at boutiques in Cape Town. You won’t find a Pakistani  clothing store, as there are predominantly Indians in Cape Town. However, I love looking online at clothing styles and I have a Pakistani fabric  which I want to use to make an Indian outfit. That should have an interesting and unique look.

There is literally an overflow of images and articles on eastern wear. I have images which might not have sleeves on them but I am sure you will find a matching under top and these days the sleeves are available with the outfit. You simply need to take it to the dressmaker. Here is a link to one of our many articles on eastern fashion.

Colourful Indian Churidar Designs

Okay, so Indian eastern wear is very colourful, bold and vibrant. I remember since I was a little girl and went to the eastern boutique that amazing burst of colour you see when you enter the store. I just could never understand why anyone would wear green, yellow, purple, red and blue all in one outfit. The outfits were a bit too bold and therefore I hardly wore them. However, the colours are toned down a bit and sometimes the bold colours look great. I have found some neon green coloured churidar designs. There are many neon coloured designs and the pinks and purples are very popular among women. I hardly see girls wearing these bold and super bright churidars but for those who are interested, let’s look at some amazing designs.

Neon Green Churidar Designs

This is a green anarkali design with nett and jacket. This is a common Indian style which many Indian girls wear to weddings and on Eid days.

latest-indian-asian-fancy-umbrella-frocks-designs-collection-for-girls-2017-2018 Indian Models Net Anarkali Frocks Churidar Suit

A green anarkali design with blue borders. Anarkali frocks are more common and have outdone the churidar. It is the latest fashionable trend in the eastern market.

Net Churidar Designs For Weekend Wear

I know girls like to go to parties and dress up on the weekends. Here are the perfect frocks for those occasions. They are not too fancy but they are pretty to wear when going out.

Indian Models Net Anarkali Frocks Churidar Suit Indian Models Net Anarkali Frocks Churidar Suit

Bridal Net Frock Anarkali and churidar designs

Nett fabric looks stunning on bridal wear. Look below fro some inspiration.

Indian Models Net Anarkali Frocks Churidar Suit Indian Models Net Anarkali Frocks Churidar Suit bollywood-actress-aayesha-takia-special-cream-net-anarkali-salwar-suit Indian Models Net Anarkali Frocks Churidar Suit

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