Importance of recitation before sleeping

6 Kalimas Banner Importance of recitation before sleeping


As a child, when it was bedtime, we were taught to recite our kalimas and sleep. Myself ,siblings and cousins would spend the holidays by my grandmother and she would come to the room and listen to us reciting our kalimas, just to make sure we actually did šŸ™‚

Now, as an adult, I greet everyone before going to bed, then I religiously recite Kalima Tayyib, Kalima Shahaadah, Kalima Tamjeed, Kalima Tawheed, Kalima Radd-E-Kufr, Imaan-E-Mujmal, Imaan-E-Muffasil and lastly, the dua before sleeping. This ensures a good nights sleep with no nightmares… or so I’ve heard…

The night I forgot…

One night during last week, I woke up from a nightmare and I couldn’t believe it when I realised I forgot to recite my kalimas the night before! I was also lying on my back and it’s said for this reason, you shouldn’t sleep on your back. I then recited my kalimas in the middle of the night and went to sleep hoping for the best. I woke up refreshed in the morning, Alhamdullilah. Ironically though, I don’t recite the dua for waking up. I keep forgetting to do it…

It just made me realise, as a child it is good to instil these practices from a young age, so that it becomes secondĀ nature as an adult andĀ itĀ is sunnah.

Sunnah practices before sleeping

To sleep in the state of wudhu.

Dust the bed thrice before retiring to bed.

To brush the teeth with a miswak.

One should sleep immediately after ISHA salaah.

To sleep on the right hand side keeping right palm under the right cheek.

To keep the knees slightly bent when sleeping.

To refrain from sleeping on one`s stomach.

To recite Surah Mulk, Aayat-Al-kursi. before sleeping.

To recite Surah Iqlaas, Surah Falaq and Surah Naas three times before sleeping thereafter blowing over the entire body thrice.

Recite before sleeping 33 times Subhan`Allah, 33 Alhamdulillah and 34 Allahu Akbar.

To recite theĀ dua before sleeping.

To wake up for Tahajjud salaah

How many of these sunnahs do you follow? šŸ™‚ Comment below. Sleep tight šŸ˜€