Images Showing How To Wear a White Hijab

There are many tutorial images showing how to wear a white hijab, making it easier for Muslim girls to learn the techniques staying at home. All Muslim girls, who follow the Islamic preaching’s to the core, are supposed to wear a hijab and so they come up with beautiful new ideas to make their look more stylish. The most traditional look of the hijab consists of pashmina, using red, white and black colors. A hijab is completed with an Abaya, which is a full sleeves loose-fit clothing that can be worn over any garment. Pretty accessories are added to their look, for example silver/gold jewellery pieces, or a tiara of flowers like red roses. There are numerous techniques showing how to wear a white hijab.

Tutorial : How To Wear a White Hijab

This is a perfect example of an image showing to wear a white hijab. This is the most basic technique to wear a hijab. You can use different colors, patterns and techniques once you get the basic hang of it.

how to wear a white hijab

This is the roman way to wear a hijab. This a step by step tutorial of how to wear a hijab. It is a combination of purple and black. This color combination is loved by many.

how to wear a white hijab

This is also an example, showing how to pin up a scarf. This style is also different than the basic technique. The material used in this image is silk, and it is of a beautiful lilac color. The images are numbered, making it easier for girls to learn the steps.

how to wear a white hijab

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