Ideas From The Mehandi Designs Book 2017-2018

Simple Mehndi Designs Images for Backhands Free Download Ideas From The Mehandi Designs Book 2017-2018

Mehandi Designs Book Free Download 2017-2018

The mehandi designs book is the latest trend for mehandi designs. Many girls look for ideas on how to draw the mehandi patterns and it takes lots of practice to get it right. We have recently started to showcase different mehandi patterns like the Arabian, Indian and Pakistani. We haven’t touched on all of them yet, but rather gave you a general feel of the patterns and not restricting you to a particular style. We have featured the Arabian Mehandi designs and we have also featured wedding mehandi designs at length. If you have not viewed our feature, please click on the link here.

Types of Mehandi Designs

I have mentioned the different types of mehandi designs HERE. I have seen the Arabian and Indian patterns, but haven’t yet had a look at Pakistani mehandi designs. There are distinct differences between the Arabian and Indian patterns which I could visually see. The Arabian pattern has more lines and is more architectural in a way. I’m not sure how to describe it. They do have floral designs, but it is a more fuller flower. The Indian Mehandi designs are very easy to describe, since I grew up wearing them. They are paisley designs which comprises of leaves and flowers.

Drawing Your Mehandi Designs

Lookbooks are the easiest ways to learn how to draw mehandi designs on your own. They give you step by step methods on drawing the pattern. They will even give you the ingredients to  making your perfect mehandi cone. There are many tips too, when drawing your mehandi patterns. The most important one is snipping that first tip from your cone. If it is too big, your patterns will be very fat and fat patterns are undesirable, ha-ha! Imagine…moti patterns, lol!

Let’s have a look at some interesting designs we can find in lookbooks. Oh, I forgot to mention, these images are found from free pdf’s found online. So, you don’t have to spend much on it besides your cone. I like watching videos too, as it might be an easier options to follow. Generally, I look for an image online and just start. When I was growing up, I would place my hand on a page, draw it and create my own designs in the hand. I never got to actually drawing them on my hand and I actually do have those drawing lying around somewhere…Ohmyword! See, I get side-tracked so easily, let’s get to it shall we?

Bridal Mehandi Lookbook Designs

Brides love looking at magazines for inspiration and mehandi lookbook designs is where you will find the latest in mehandi patterns design. The one thing about mehandi design is that no pattern will ever come out exactly the same and if you just make a minor adjustment here and there, you instantly found yourself a new design. When I look at Bridal mehandi designs HERE, I always thought I wouldn’t want to wear a full pattern with my hands completely covered in mehandi. It’s good to have a few empty spaces so that you can follow the pattern.


bridal-full-hand-mehndi-design1 mehandi designs book

Modern Mehandi Lookbook Designs

simple-mehndi-designs-images-for-backhands-free-download new-simple-mehndi-desing-for-hands-2016-23 mehndi_design_book_free_download_savvqn mehendi-henna-drawings-in-hand-578cd82965e4694dbefd latest-indian-mehndi-designs-images-book-2015-for-eid_8 latest-arabic-mehndi-design-photos-16 mehandi designs book


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