How to Wrap a Turkish Hijab Tutorial

how to wrap a turkish hijab

Hijab is worn by Muslim women to cover their heads, it shows the decent and modest nature of women and now over the years Turkish hijab has become common and women often try to figure out, how to wrap a Turkish hijab. Turkish hijab is worn using a scarf, which is square in shape. Girls who wear Turkish hijab often wear head caps underneath in order to prevent it from slipping and exposing their head to the males who do not belong to their immediate family. Turkish hijab looks stylish, trendy and fashionable at the same time. It fulfills the modern standards of all time. Many fashion collections are launched depending on latest trends and designs for e.g. the collection of 2016-2017. Turkish hijab is very easy and simple to follow. The concept of Hijab is universal and is for all times to come. Hijab is often referred to as a headscarf, when in reality both of them are the same. School going girls wears the basic Turkish hijab, as it is easy to handle and manage. However, variations in Turkish hijab is done and adopted mostly by women. There are five basic steps to learn, how to wrap a Turkish hijab. Firstly, wear hijab cap so that it covers your hair. The area of forehead covered depends upon your face shape, so style it according to whatever suits you. Secondly, pin up one side of the scarf and shape it around your face. Thirdly, take this side beneath the other one and wrap it around the neck and place it on the shoulder. Fourthly, Take the other side and wrap it around the head in the same way and lastly pin up according to the need.

Tutorial: How To Wrap a Turkish Hijab 2016

how to wrap a turkish hijab how to wrap a turkish hijab how to wrap a turkish hijab