Ways on How To Wear Scarf or Hijab

slideshow 3 Ways on How To Wear Scarf or Hijab

Today we will look at ways on how to wear the hijab scarf.  I have done previous articles on it too, where we show you how to wear the hijab. Click here to view it if you haven’t yet. I thought of taking this topic to a new direction. Instead of showing you ways of wearing the hijab with tutorials, I thought of the first process of wearing the hijab. You first need to find a scarf and I know how difficult it can be to decide on the perfect hijab, as there are many things to consider before buying.

How to wear scarf or hijab

  • Choosing Your Scarf or hijab

how to wear scarf hijab

The first step would be to choose your scarf. When choosing a scarf, avoid dull colours and choose something fresh and colourful for summer and warm for winter like burnt orange and reds. I think it is important to choose shades that fit your personality and style. If you are bold and outgoing, try brighter shades. If you have a quieter personality, subtle tones will work wonderfully. Collect scarves in colors that match the rest of your closet – you will wear them more and can mix-and-match them with multiple outfits.

Matching your scarf or hijab to your eye colour

Yes, I know many girls would like to know what scarf matches with their eye colour. The scarf colour you choose can bring out the colour of your eyes even more and make them pop. Here are some tips:

  • Brown Eyes: Make brown eyes pop by contrasting them with hues of blue, teal, and violet. The warm undertones of brown from your eyes are off-set by cool shades of purple and blue, making them stand out.

how to wear scarf hijab

  • Green Eyes: Vibrant green eyes go well with pretty shades of red, pink, and peach. These complimentary colors add cheer and interest to any ensemble.

how to wear scarf hijab

  • Blue Eyes: Baby blue’s can be balanced beautifully with a headscarf in gold, bronze, orange, or brown. The richness of these warm tones flatters the cool notes found in your eyes.

how to wear scarf hijab

To tell you the truth, I have never believed in having shades of scarves to compliment your eyes. But as I read this, I just realised, I have brown eyes and somehow when I wear a turquoise scarf, it just pops.

Choosing a scarf according to your skin tone

This is one point where I tend to agree with it. Your shouldn’t wear a scarf which is close to your skin tone. I will do nothing to enhance it. Let’s have a look at some ideas to match your skin tone.

  • Fair Skin: If you have a fair skin tone, shades of red, orange, yellow, and brown will suit you best.

how to wear scarf hijab

  • Golden Skin: Pretty beige and sun-kissed gold skin looks best with blue and green hues, to balance out your natural warmth.

how to wear scarf hijab

  • Chocolate Skin: You can go bright with neons or coral, and peach and gold. The bold warmth in both your headscarf and skin tone will give you a soft, welcoming look.

how to wear scarf hijab

I hope this helped you on ways to wear the hijab scarf.

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