How to wear Hijab step by step in two different simple stylish ways

Trendy Hijab Style Tutorial How to wear Hijab step by step in two different simple stylish ways

The hijab has found its way into the modern fashion world, especially in Asian and Muslim countries. Perhaps you really need to know how to wear hijab step by step procedure. I’ll be giving you tips on how to wear hijab step by step in two different simple but stylish ways. Before that, let’s try to look at the reason why Muslim parents and women make wearing hijab a must.

Religious reasons behind Hijabs

The term ‘hijab’ is used to refer to any veiled head, face or body covering that is worn for privacy and social modesty among Muslim women as directed by the holy book, the  Qur’an. According to some existing legal systems in Islam, hijab wears are modest clothing materials which cover everybody parts except for the feet, the face as well as from the wrist lines downwards.

Religious reasons behind Hijab

How to wear Hijab step by step in two different styles

There are many ways to drape your hijab to elevate your beauty and facial look. Besides, the style and types of hijabs worn depend on your occasion, country’s clothing culture, weather and your facial structure. Let’s try to go through the simple steps of wearing and styling your hijab while taking note of the points mentioned:

1. The simple style

It is important to start from the basics. This simple style is widely worn and can be worn for almost every type of occasion. It is suitable for almost every facial structure as well.


  • Drape over your head along and rectangular scarf.
  • Make one side of your scarf longer than the second side.
  • Pin together below your chin the two ends of the scarf.
  • Take the longer side of the scarf and flip it over the opposite shoulder.
  • Take the same long side and flip the end across and in front of your other shoulder.
  • Spread the two ends of the scarf to cover the center of your chest. That’s it!

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2. Hijab with no pin style

how to wear hijab step by step
How to wear Hijab step by step – Hijab with no pin style

When you’re in a hurry, perhaps for class or wherever, here’s a way to don your hijab in the most simple, fast, easy but stylish way.


  • Fold a square/rectangular-shaped scarf to a triangle.
  • Place the scarf on your head and make one end of it much longer than the other end, with the other end right under your chin.
  • Take the longer side. Wrap it around your head to your other side of the head.
  • Put your scarf behind the head and also at your shoulder. That’s it!

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