How To Make Hijab or Scarves

make hijab scarves

Many Muslim women who take hijab are restricted to household chores as they don’t have time to go out and work, in that case they can start a business by learning various new styles of how to make hijab or scarves. Hijab has a very strong position in Islamic context; it represents the faith and religion of women. Therefore, women who know how to wear hijab and are aware of the new trends, they can start a business of making hijab or scarves and selling it to the general public. This will allow them to stay in touch with latest modern, elegant and trendy styles. They can earn money in few simple and easy steps. They can also take help from the latest fashion collection of 2016-2017, so that their designs are fashionable rather than being unfashionable, moreover; this will also boost their confidence and self-esteem. They can accessorize hijab based on the variation of prices for instance cheap hijab would have less work on it whereas expensive hijab would have more heavy work on it like it can include zigzag patchwork. Women can earn money in a very quick way by selling and creating pretty cool hijabs or scarves.. Hijab or scarves can be designed keeping in mind the event or occasion they are being designed for, for instance hijab for formal events would be made up of bright colors so that it can paired up easily with long dresses. Incase a woman does not know how to achieve a particular look or how to make or wrap a particular hijab or scarves they can take help from online tutorials.

Tutorial: How to make Hijab or Scarves

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