How to complete the Quran for Ramadaan

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Ramadaan is the month of continuous Quran recitation and there are so many ways to complete the Quran during Ramadaan. I will share a few ideas and you can decide which works best for you.

Living in a Western world, where Ramadaan is a normal working month like any other, where we rush home for iftaar from work and rush off to taraweeh, we often have to choose between recitation and taraweeh. I have always been in this situation.

Yesterday, I actually thought of taking a Juz to work and reciting it during my 1 hour lunch break. I must say that is the best idea ever! Well, it works for me. In this way, you can recite 5 Juz’s over 5 days at work and you can still attend taraweeh at night. The rest you recite over the weekend, but basically, you will be done for the day after your lunch recital 🙂

For those who prefer a more evenly spread out recitation and can’t recite in one sitting, there’s a solution for you too 🙂

The Quran has approximately 600 pages. Read 20 pages per day. That’s only 4 pages after each salaah. To complete the Quran twice, recite 4 pages before and 4 pages after each salaah. You would have read the entire Quran in 30 days.

I tried reciting 4 pages after every salaah but this makes me anxious and it plays on my mind that I still have pages to recite. Reciting 1 juz in 40-50 minutes works for me. Oh, and do remember you actually need to complete before the 27th night (Lailatul-Qadr) so plan ahead and try and squeeze in the last 3 Juzz’s before the 27th Ramadaan!!! On weekends I would normally recite 2 Juzz’s a day to avoid last minute reciting, but I ALWAYS have 3 Juzz’s to recite on the 26th Ramadaan, don’t ask me why… I never learn and here I’m advising you- haha!

Let me know what method you use in the comment box below. Have a lovely Iftaar 🙂