Hooded Designs for Abayas

Abaya designs are getting better and easier to carry day by day. This article is about the new hooded Abaya. Our job is to make things simple and easy for the Muslim girl, and we believe hooded Abayas is definitely a step towards that! Not only is this trend absolutely new, but it’s also very unique. You can look at the pictures below as examples! Our tip for the stylish girl is to definitely buy this new kind of an Abaya to step out in the crowd! This beautiful exclusive design of 2016-17 is about attaching the Hijab with the Abaya below, so not only is the hassle of finding the perfect matching Hijab gone, but you have a chance of looking absolutely elegant and stunning. To add to this style, if you feel like it isn’t covering you properly, you can always wear a head piece underneath the hood, and then just pull up the hood above it! You should check out the collection of your favorite designer to really understand this latest design! We believe it is helped us come a long way from the black Burqa! This fashion trend is again Arabian, and has come to stay. You can complement it further with nice embroideries, stone work or hand work!

Pictures: Hooded Abaya Designs

hooded abaya designs

This is an example of a flashy hooded Abaya design, perfect for a wedding or a formal dinner!

hooded abaya designs

Again a beautiful hooded Abaya design! We love the combination of black and gold! It is just extremely rich and priceless!

hooded abaya designs

Here is a more casual look! And do you understand what we meant with wearing a head piece under the hood?

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