Hijab Worn By Wedding Guests

Hijab worn by wedding guests differ from the one worn by the bride. Bridal dresses have more complex and intricate details. They often have heavy embroidery accompanied by big stones or diamonds. Heavy work is often done on sleeves as well which contributes to the entire outer appearance of the wedding dress. Muslim girls look for new ways of covering their head with a headscarf especially when a close family member is getting married. Whenever the wedding season is at its peak designers come up with new fashion collection for instance the fashion collection of 2016-2017 would differ from that of 2017-2018 as the collection depends entirely on the transition that is taking place from Arabic headscarf to something which is new and trendy. Often people who are getting married or if one of their family member is getting married they take help from various tutorials to learn various ways and of wearing a headscarf. The style of Hijab selected by wedding guests would be different and unique from one another as there is a certain sort of competition between them as to who looks the best or who carries the best look.


Hijab: Wedding Guests Wearing Hijab

wedding guest hijab

A guest wearing Hijab on a wedding. The style of Hijab is very simple but in order to make it look appealing she paired it up with a headdress.

wedding guest hijab

This image shows a group of guests at a wedding, all of them are wearing shades of green, which makes them look quite similar, but what exactly creates a difference is the hijab. Each one of them is covering their head with a headscarf in the most unique and different way possible.

wedding guest hijab

This image shows two girls at a wedding. The hijab and the overall dress are quite simple however heavy work is done on the top portion of the dress.

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