Hijab with Black Dress

Hijab with black dress is very difficult to decide especially its color when a woman plans to wear evening gown. Headscarf with evening gowns needs to have careful consideration, as you need to create a balance and rhythm between the two. Muslim women need new style to wear headscarf; they are always in search of trends that are different from previous year. Abaya fashion collection designers have launched their designs for the year 2016-2017; many women take help from these collections to come up with a design. But despite of all tutorials and collections available, women tend to get confused when they have to decide the color of their hijab with black evening gowns. Black color is very dominant and therefore it gets difficult to pair it up with some color that sort of break its dominance. Evening gowns are mostly full sleeves and therefore the portion of the color black is more then usual thus women take online help from tutorials or websites to decide that either they should go for printed headscarf or a plain one and what kind of material should be used. They can’t think of leaving hijab at a side as it is a part of Islamic clothing for women. To decide hijab with black dress is more then a challenge for Muslim girls and women.

Hijab: Black Dress

hijab dress black

A woman wearing green silk hijab with black dress.

hijab dress black

This picture shows a woman wearing black dress and she paired it up with black printed hijab, which sort of brings consistency in her appearance.

hijab dress black

This image shows a woman wearing an evening gown with full sleeves. She paired it up with golden hijab. The color gold compliments color black a a lot and often creates a very formal look.

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