HIJAB: Wedding Dresses of Egypt Represent Purity

Wedding dresses of Egypt consist of a Hijab which in Islamic context signifies modesty and simplicity of Muslim women. The basic idea behind Hijab is to convey the idea that women who are married are off limits to any other men except her husband. Moreover, Hijab is a common dress code followed by many Muslim women around the world. Most women around the globe are coming up with ideas to change the trends of existing fashion and so does the women who wear Hijab. The most important challenge that a Muslim girl who wears Hijab is to make her wedding dress keeping in mind the Islamic context. Moroccan weddings are not only known for its décor but also for the way their brides dress up and come up with different styles of wearing a veil. The veil is a symbol of her purity. 2016-2017 will bring about more inspirational ideas of wearing a Hijab that not only goes with its context but also with the traditions and values associated with it.

Hijab: Wedding Dresses of Egypt

hijab wedding dresses egypt

This is a picture of a Moroccan bride wearing a white Hijab on her big day. The color white represents purity and innocence; it also highlights the idea of goodness and safety associated with marriage. The bride is eagerly waiting to enter the new phase of her life.

hijab wedding dresses egypt

This bride has chosen the color red for her big day, which is the first option that comes to mind whenever a girl thinks about her wedding day. The color red represents passion and determination to start a new life.

hijab wedding dresses egypt

A Moroccan bride wearing Hijab which is quite different from the way Muslim girls wear it around the world.

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