Hijab Under Scarves Tutorial 2016-17

hijab underscarves

Modern fashion designers are in constant struggle to incorporate every kind of fabric for every kind of dress code. Hijab is a universal dress code for Islamic women and therefore, traditionally mostly thick fabrics were used to create hijab but now with the evolution in fashion designing thin fabrics are also being used. In order for women to handle thin fabrics easily they often wear under scarves so that they don’t slip. For example fabrics like silk require under scarves as silk has the tendency of slipping off. Women use thin fabrics mostly for formal occasions, as they are beautiful, trendy, and elegant and look very pretty and stylish. Many new styles and trends are being introduced using thin fabrics and women are accepting change easily. Thin fabrics make easy, simple and quick styles difficult to follow, as they are difficult to handle.  For instance zigzag hijab requires a slightly thick fabric so that women can focus on achieving the style rather than focusing on how to handle the fabric. Many new fashion collections of 2016-2017 incorporate thin fabrics for basic styling. Mostly bright colored hijabs are used with long dresses. Women who are new to the concept of headscarf and want to look fashionable rather than looking unfashionable they can take help from online tutorials which can enable them to learn different styles with easy and perfection. Tutorials explain how to wrap a particular style or design of hijab along with under scarves.

Tutorial Hijab with Under Scarves

hijab underscarves hijab underscarves hijab underscarves