Unique Hijab Tying Styles

large Unique Hijab Tying Styles

Want to see some new and different hijab tying styles which will provide you with exciting and new ideas to style your hijab? Well, you have come to the right place for unpredictable hijab styling. I have been burning to try new styles but the closest I get is writing about it and looking at the images online to share with you. I hope to bring your the tutorial soon. I especially love the new turban styles but I am somehow not convinced to try it on myself, as I have a fuller face and it looks amazing on slim faces. For more styles, click here.

Images of Hijab Tying Styles

hijab tying styles

This is the modern hijab style which is worn by many girls who don’t have time to wrap there scarf. It is the jersey hijab and it is stitched by the neck and requires no pins. You simply place it on your head and that’s it.

hijab tying styles

Here are more ways to style the jersey hijab. It gives you a stylish look with minimal effort. I have never worn this scarf, as it tends to cling to your face and if you have a round face, it makes your face look even chubbier and I find it undesirable. I never thought of using the jersey scarf for a turban style. it looks amazing. The jersey scarf is stitched along the side which gives the illusion of a side bang or fringe. If you wear a black scarf, it will resemble a hairstyle.


hijab tying styles

Another way of tying the jersey scarf for the turban style. I guess using the jersey scarf for the turban style will keep it on your head the whole day because of the material it is made from. It clings to your head and is non-slip. I find that wearing the turban style is a bit tricky, depending on what material your scarf is. Sometimes you have to re-wrap your turban style multiple times a day because it keeps on slipping off. I hate when this happens. The jersey scarf might just be a better option. I will try it and let you know soon.

Fancy Hijab Tying Styles

I can never stop admiring fancy hijab styles. They are so beautiful and I always admire the hijab styling techniques used. Hijab stylists photography images are great ways to get new hijab tying style ideas which you would never think of and each year the styles get more intricate and advanced to a level you wouldn’t imagine to be possible.

Images of Fancy Hijab Tying Styles

hijab tying styles

ohmyword! I know how she tied this style. She used a long and short end andĀ pinned it at her neck. Next, you take the short end and take it to the opposite side. Then you take the long end and wrap it around your head and pin. I often wear this style when my scarf is wide but not long enough. I never knew how to style those scarves then invented this way of styling it and later I realised that it is a style, haha!

hijab tying styles

Simple Hijab Tying Style

hijab tying styles New-style-hijab-ideas hijab tying styles hijab tying styles hijab tying styles

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