Hijab Tutorials For All Materials Pashmina, Crinkle and Many More

Hijab can be made of any material let that be pashmina, crinkle or whatever material you want and now with the technological advancements and globalization tutorials are available for all. Many girls or the Muslim community wear a hijab or cover their heads and as the modern women they go to work and a lot of times face the difficulty of wearing a messy hijab. But now the tutorials are very helpful and they help you. Below are a few picture tutorials of hijab.

tutorial hijab pashmina crinkle

The picture above shows the way girls can easily wear a scarf and look casual enough for a university or a normal gathering with friends. This scarf is of ombre shade and is available in many different colors

and the material of pashmina or chiffon. This hijab can be worn with layers of clothing and not look out of the ordinary in the bad way.

Tutorials: Pashmina and crinkle and many other materials for hijab

tutorial hijab pashmina crinkle

This is a very chic and a very elegant look for untuk kuliah . For girls who memkai a hijab this is a very unique and a very easy style for them to wear to where ever they are going. These easy five steps for wearing a hijab or scarf can save you the hassle of going over the same thing over and over again. This style of a hijab can be worn with any clothes you are wearing and in any color and contrast of colors.

tutorial hijab pashmina crinkle

This scarf is a very easy to wear hijab style. And is especially for the modern women of today’s society. It’s a scarf of wool or normal linen cloth. And is a very two step easy hijab. It doesn’t even take more than five minutes for the girls or working women to wear it and pin it and they are ready to go to work or college or high school. And these are a few of the tutorials for hijab of different materials.


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