Hijab Tutorial in The Casual Style

In this article we will look at casual hijab tutorials for everyday wear. These simple styles are modern yet stylish enough to wear for a party as well as on an abaya. We have the terbaru styles which we will view through gambar provided below. The styles include segi empat, simple paris and dan modis styles. We will also have a look at trendy street fashion for 2015. A pictorial is provided below as well as a link to a video hijab tutorial by Zoya.

Hijab With Makeup

hijab tutorial casual style

Many women love to wear makeup with their hijab. They feel it completes the look. The image above has the turban hijab style with a headpiece and a smoky eye as the makeup choice.

Casual Hijab Fashion For 2015

hijab tutorial casual style

Long cardigans are a great casual look.

hijab tutorial casual style

Very pretty winters look with a turban and brooch.

Casual Hijab Street Style

hijab tutorial casual style

An edgy street style.

Casual Style Hijab Tutorial

hijab tutorial casual style

Step 1: Place the scarf on your head.

Step 2: Grab one end.

Step 3: Place over your head.

Step 4: Grab the other end.

Step 5: Pull to the top of your head.

Step 6: Pin it down.

Casual Hijab Tutorial By Zoya

hijab tutorial casual style

A casual hijab tutorial is always in demand and I hope I have provided you with the sufficient resources to try out this style. Until next time, happy styling.

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