Hijab: The wedding inspiration Walks Down The Aisle

hijab wedding inspiration

Hijab signifies decency which is the ultimate inspiration for any wedding. Hijab is a dress code followed by many Muslim girls around the world. Its styles’ range from medieval times with the look being as simple as rolling the hijab in a circular style in order to solely promote the idea of covering woman’s head. This was often accompanied by long sleeves or the hijab’s length itself being long enough to drape across the sleeves of the dress. Hijab has always had its religious associations but now Muslim brides have come up with ideas to make them compliment their bridal dresses to bring out the true essence of their big day. Following are the pictures depicting as to how inspirational a wedding can truly be when accompanied by the personal choice of wearing a hijab.

Hijab: A Wedding Inspiration

hijab wedding inspiration

This is a picture of a Nigerian Bride wearing a hijab. The color of her hijab is red, the idea is to bring dominance to it. It is wrapped around her head as if a crown has been placed to make her feel special and royal on her wedding.


hijab wedding inspirationhijab wedding inspiration

The pastel shades in the above images have drawn light towards a different side of the color palate as compared to the one previously shown. They are more suitable for summer weddings as they are subtle in nature. The simplicity in the design and style of hijab gives the dresses a very elegant and delicate touch.

hijab wedding inspiration


This picture prompts retrospection. Back in early Europe woman used to dress up very much similar to today’s Muslim women wearing hijab. Just like the bride in the picture above; the light and inspiration both are beautifully drawn towards her hijab. Indeed hijab truly is a wedding inspiration.