Hijab : The layered style

The layered style of the hijab is the most commonly used styles for the Muslim women. Hijab is a veil that covers the head and is worn by Muslim women. Hijab can also be used to refer to the seclusion of women from men in the public sphere, or it may embody a metaphysical dimension.  It signifies modesty, privacy and morality. It a simple way to cover the head however it is considered to be a style statement as well. Hijab is an everyday thing for Muslim women, as it is compulsory for them to cover their heads according to the Quran. Step by step tutorials are available on the internet as to how to wear a scarf. There are various simple ways of wearing a hijab, and every face shape has its own style of hijab. A different style of hijab might suit a square face however a round face might have a different style. The layered style of the hijab gives a very chic look and is the most commonly used styles by Muslim Arab women.

A Tutorial Image Showing How To Wear a Hijab The Layered Style

Various folds can be seen in scarf, hence the name ‘ layered style’

layered hijab style

In this particular image, different shaped faces can be seen and how various ways can be used to wear a head scarf
The round face can be seen on the extreme right and the hijab is making the face look slimmer and cute

layered hijab style

In the image below, the most simplest way to wear a hijab is shown
This tutorial can help Muslim women to wear the head scarf in no time

layered hijab style

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