Hijab: Syari Wedding 2016-17

Wearing Hijab on Syari wedding is getting common these days especially in Muslim countries. Brides often wear heavy bridal dresses, which has heavy and intricate embroidery on Hijab and the upper portion of their dress including sleeves. Often the embroidery is done on the lower portion of their gown or maxi style dress which compliments the entire look of the bride and make her standout in the gathering. Wedding planners are hired to make a couple’s big day memorable. They come up with a collection of wedding they had planned already and the couple then decides one particular design or idea for their big day. Fashion designers across the world are coming up with new fashion collection and with new styles for wearing a headscarf. The styles for the year 2016-2017 are very trendy and stylish and they deviate from the basic Arabic ways of covering ones head. Various tutorials are available online to help Muslim girls to wear Hijab on Syari weddings.

Syari Wedding Hijab Look

wedding hijab syari

This picture shows a couple at their big day. They are wearing pastel shades to compliment one another. One immediately gets an idea that the couple has coordinated the colors they have worn on their big day.

wedding hijab syari

This image also shows the same couple on their wedding day. A much more closer look as to how are they dressed. The bridal dress is heavy but in a very unique way as little or no work is done on the upper portion of the dress. More importance is given to the Hijab and lower portion of the dress in terms of embroidery.


wedding hijab syari

The image above shows a couple on their big day. They are wearing same color on their wedding. White represents purity, goodness and innocence; all these aspects are a part of getting married.

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