Hijab Styles With Plain Dresses 2016-17

hijab dresses style

Girls have many plain dresses in their cupboards, thus they look for hijab styles that compliment those dresses well. Hijab is a universal trend that is usually completed with an Abaya. However, in many parts of the world like UK or India, where there is a Muslim minority, women wear these scarves with diverse outfits like jeans, skirts and dresses. Plain dresses never go out of fashion as they can be worn to any formal event, similarly they can also be carried to informal events. Women of different age groups have different preferences. Young girls might go for colorful scarves with plain dresses, however Middle Aged women prefer darker colors with less chaotic patterns. The fashion trends of 2016-17 suggest ” bold and beautiful”. The more color you have in your outfit, the more people consider you trendy and stylish. However, girls must know the art of playing with colors in such a way that they do not create imbalance to the naked eye. Too many colors in one single outfit can cause confusion and look unappealing. Once you master this art, you can then play with different patterns too for a modish look. Just as print on plain can look stylish, plain on plain can also look extremely elegant. If young girls opt for printed hijabs, a leopard hijab style might look fabulous with a plain black dress.

Hijab Styles With Plain Dresses

A classic example of a printed hijab going perfectly well with a plain black outfit.

hijab dresses style

In the image below, cheetah print is worn with denim. This shows how cheetah and leopard prints can never go out of fashion.

hijab dresses stylehijab dresses style