Hijab Styles in Purple

In the fashion world, purple comes at the top of list hence many hijab styles in purple can be seen all around the world. It gives a quite different look as white or black hijabs have become too common. Purple is a color that can be worn with casual wear, or formal wear both. New modern designs of carrying headscarves have been introduced in the fashion world making it easy for girls to look even more stylish. Purple is a color that goes with numerous skin colors and face cuts. Simple and easy ways can be used for girls to wear colorful hijabs to university, these colors add positivity to a girls personality. Hence different patterns and materials are used which gives these girls a chic and trendy look. They can now choose the hijab styles that they think looks the best in purple, using internet as a source.

Latest Purple Hijab Styles 2016/17

In the image below, a bride is shown wearing a purple hijab using a different style. Bridal dresses and hijabs usually use red and white as their color. Hence the bride looks unusual wearing purple at her wedding. Nonetheless, very elegant.

purple hijab styles

This image however is a casual look that women can carry in their everyday life. The material of the hijab looks very interesting and different, as the edges have a different pattern.

purple hijab styles

A traditional Muslim bride is shown wearing a purple and red dress. Her hijab style is very different than the rest of the two images shown above. Her hijab is done using a dupatta, which is a part of the National dress of Pakistan.

purple hijab styles

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