Hijab Styles in Manchester

Manchester is a major city in the Northwest of England with a rich industrial heritage, hence there are various hijab styles that can be seen there. It lies within United Kingdom’s second most populous urban area.  It has a population of 514,417 as of 2013, with a Muslim population  increasing day by day. It has increased  by about 15.8% in the recent years. Hijab is mandatory for all the Muslim girls to wear, therefore modern new designs are evolving in the fashion market. Some designs are easy and simple to carry, where as some are a little complex. Hijab is an essential part of Muslim girls, which is why a lot of effort is put in to select the scarf that suits their face the best. All the top designs are showcased in magazines, websites and during fashion shows. Boutiques have also opened up, which has made it easier for women to buy Muslim clothing off the shelf. The images in this article show the different hijab styles in Manchester.

Hijab Fashion & Styles Manchester

A traditional hijab style is worn by a girl in Manchester. This is a very casual look, as this image is of college going girl. The hijab is a veil covering the head and chest of a Muslim girl as seen in the image below.

Hijab styles Manchester

This image is of a bride in Manchester. Red color is usually worn by brides, it signifies love and bond. This hijab style resembles a turban. A jewellery piece is attached to the forehead of the girl, making her look absolutely beautiful.

Hijab styles Manchester

A beige evening gown for a wedding, with a beige hijab. Modern yet classic.

Hijab styles Manchester

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