Hijab Styles According To Muslim Fashion World

muslim hijab fashion style

According to the fashion in the Muslim world, women avoid wearing hijab with the western style of clothing. The basic purpose of wearing a hijab is to cover to the head, similarly such clothes should be worn by Muslim women in which each and every part of the body is covered. Fitted clothes are not preferred by women as they reveal their body shape. Usually, Abayas are seen with hijabs as they are lose in fitting and they serve the Islamic purpose. However, in our country, shalwar kameez is commonly seen. In other countries where there is a Muslim minority, dresses are worn by girls which make them look trendy and make them feel like they are a part of that country’s culture.¬† If you look at the majority of the women, their clothes are mostly full sleeves and full length. Nowadays, women are becoming more fashion conscious thus they experiment with their clothes more than before. A few years ago, not many hijab styles were seen except the most basic type. However, now, various materials and patterns are used to create new looks that make them look elegant and beautiful. Black is the most commonly used color in hijabs and clothes by Muslim women. Hijab styles also vary depending on the occasions, for example hijabs with some types of beads and embellishment are seen at weddings to give women a formal look. The styles of hijab in the Muslim fashion world keep on changing just as the trends of clothing every year.

Images Portraying Various Hijab Styles Carried By Muslim Women According To The Fashion Industry

muslim hijab fashion style muslim hijab fashion style muslim hijab fashion style