Hijab or Scarves in London

hijab scarves london

Hijab or scarves worn in London are different from the ones worn in other parts of the world. London has a balanced population of Muslims and only few people out of them wear hijab. The rest of the people in London are mostly modern and stylish people who prefer wearing exposing clothes rather than covering their head with veil. Women in London wear short dresses thinking and considering that as fashionable. They have particular stereotypes prevailing there that women who take hijab are unfashionable and can never be trendy or elegant. Young girls in London are also in competition of looking pretty and cool and therefore Muslim women find it difficult to compete with them, as they have to wear Hijab as a part of their Islamic clothing. Hijab reflects their faith and modesty. Hijab in London is mostly cheap in terms of price; many expensive brands don’t consider hijab as a part of their latest fashion collection (2016-2017). They don’t consider hijab to be fashionable, due to which women who wear hijabs take help from online tutorials in order to learn new ways of wearing hijabs and to learn how to wrap hijab in different styles that are stylish yet simple and easy to follow. They often do zigzag embroidery on the edges of plain bright cloth in order to make it look different and unique. Headscarf designs that are available online help women from all walks of life to learn new and innovative ways of wearing hijab and how to bring about transition in the traditional way of taking hijab. Hijabs or scarves in London don’t have that much variety as a minute part of their population wears Hijab.

Hijab or Scarves in London Styles

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