Modern Hijab Influenced or Inspired Wedding Dresses for 2016-17

Hijab is becoming the new modern wedding dress for many women in 2016-17. As it’s the one dress that inspired the new gown style dresses for women. And Muslim girls can easily wear this dress and look stylish. All women want to look their best at a wedding and nobody is ready to compromise because they have to become the hot topic of the wedding. Below are the few designs of the new abaya and hijab designs for this wedding season 2016-2017.

New Modern Hijab Style Wedding Dresses for 2016-17

hijab modern wedding dress 2016-17

This is one of the newly stylish designed abaya or hijab inspired dress for the women to wear this wedding season. This dress with its color contrast and the specific designing and accessorizing makes the Muslim women stand out in a crowd of women. The embroidery and the motifs and the cut for a gown makes it a modest and an appropriate with a touch of fashion and modern society.

hijab modern wedding dress 2016-17

This is a very trending style and with the new buttoned up sleeves and fancy buttons and contrast of different colors. This is a very elegant and a Barbie like wedding dress for not just girls who are going attend the wedding but also for the Muslim bride.

hijab modern wedding dress 2016-17

This is another design for the wedding season this year. This is specifically for the bride to be. The bedazzled and the elegant color of the dress makes the bride stand out and look stylish and modest. And look as good as she wants to on the biggest day of her life. These are the new stylish hijab inspired or influenced dresses for the wedding season this year.

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