Hijab: Loose Styles of Hijab in Trend

Hijab symbolizes decency and modesty and with the advent of fashion industry loose styles of wearing Hijab are in trend these days. Women who wear Hijab everyday; chances are that they might get bored with their current hijab style. They might have settled upon certain standards of wearing Hijab and might not deviate from those standards, as they require less time and effort. Chances are that they are looking to try new very simple ways to wear Hijab. Loose styles of hijab can easily incorporate shawl to create one different look. Many Muslim women across the world use ombre shawl to come up with a different look whenever they dress up. Loose styles of Hijab allow women to cover their head and their chest properly. It enables them to fulfill the main purpose of wearing a veil i.e. to cover themselves in the presence of adults male who does not belong to their immediate family. In order for women to adopt the loose style of Hijab, they should use a thin fabric like chiffon as it allows women to drape a little bit of fabric on the side.

Hijab Fashion Loose Styles

loose hijab styles

This picture shows a woman pulling off a loose style of wearing Hijab. The fabric she used is shawl and it has a good draping effect.

loose hijab styles

The image above shows a step-by-step procedure of wearing loose style Hijab. The fabric used is chiffon and drapes well. It allows her to cover her head along with her chest.

loose hijab styles

Women often choose chiffon fabric when they want to pull off loose style of wearing Hijab as it drapes well. But since chiffon is a very thin fabric and is see through they have to wear a turtleneck in order for it to cover properly.

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