Which is My Hijab Style?

style photo 6c Which is My Hijab Style?

My hijab style is a  style which would only be worn by me. This is what girls need to tell themselves. They need to own their style and not feel forced to follow the latest trends even though they don’t like it or feel it is not suitable according to their personality and style. They can draw inspiration from images of styles but they should wear it as their own and not feel obliged to wear every single style available online. If you are looking for inspiration, here is our previous article with some brilliant ideas on fresh hijab styles which you can choose from.

Hijab is My Style Ideas

Like I said before, you shouldn’t be influenced by the photos you see on Instagram or Facebook and feel the need to copy the  look of a prominent hijabi just because everyone else is doing it. You need to tell yourself :” hijab is my style“. You should feel comfortable in the hijab style you wear. Some girls like dressing in a simple way and would therefore wear simple hijab styles too. Sometimes people will try and change your style and tell you to try something which is completely out of your character. I would say, rather go with a small change to spice up your look. Some small change which you will be comfortable with. For example, there are girls who wear the square scarf and they are comfortable in it. For them to transition to the rectangle scarf would be the same as asking me to wear a square scarf, it just won’t happen. Instead, give the person a new way to style her square scarf and she will be more than happy to try it out.

There are so many ideas on hijab style and I found something for everyone. I found a style for simple everyday looks and for those who love to dress up daily. These looks are only a guide. When looking at images online, I normally see a style I like, then I try and recreate it to suit my personality and face shape.

Many times the colours and types of hijabs worn by each individual would be different. Some girls like to keep it plain and simple. While others like to try new scarf textures and wear the latest colours which are in fashion. The same applies for hijab accessories. Most women’s idea of wearing a fancy hijab style would be to wear a double wrap with a brooch. While others would be an over-the-top style with head chains and fancy ruffles resembling flowers. What’s fancy for one is plain and simple for another.

Some ladies also prefer all their scarves to match with their outfits while college girls don’t care about matching colours. If they feel like wearing their favourite scarf and it doesn’t match, they will make it match! I speak from experience, even today in the working environment, if I feel like wearing a particular scarf on a particular day, I will wear it! Whether it matches or not!

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Tell yourself, hijab is my style and own it. Until next time, happy styling.

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