Hijab in Turkish Universities 2016/17

hijab in turkish universities

Hijab in Turkish universities is also a universal fact. Universities are a place where young girls spend almost half of their day, therefore; they search for styles that are simple and easy to follow and implement. Young girls want to stay up to date when it comes to fashion. They want to look fashionable, modern, and trendy yet elegant at the same time. Covering head with headscarf is a part of their routine, therefore when they need a change and want to change the style of taking hijab they skim through various fashion collections for e.g. for help they can skim through the latest fashion collection of 2016-2017. As women tend to spend most of their time in universities, they prefer material of their hijab, which is comfortable and easy to carry. For instance, material like cotton can enable them to function properly and with ease. They can easily carry out their daily activities without any hindrance, silk scarfs are not for girls who go to universities as they are slippery and need to be pinned properly, not everyone can manage silk scarf easily. Many young girls who go to school also prefer cotton hijabs as they can carry out their daily tasks efficiently and effectively without any problem. Hijab in Turkish universities is mostly in the form of square hijab, as the entire look of girls is mostly casual when they go to universities. However, formal hijab is different from the hijab worn in Turkish universities, it is made up of silk or any other material that has a shiny surface and gives a very formal look.


Hijab in Turkish Universities Style

hijab in turkish universities hijab in turkish universities hijab in turkish universities