Hijab in Context of Arab Fashion

Concept of Hijab originated from the Arab world, however; the hijab fashion in Arab side of the world is quite different from the other sides of the world. In Arab context it is more of an Islamic part of clothing for Muslim women or girl rather than something, which can be stylized in any manner. In Arab world, there is hardly any fashion or Abaya collection launched to bring any transition in the way women wear Hijab or headscarf. The transition in the ways and style of taking Hijab comes more from the western side, where the collection for the year 2016-2017 is launched just like they launch it every year. They do have the concept of evening gowns with full sleeves but if any women tends to change the way she styles her Abaya or hijab she needs to take help from online tutorials to come up with ideas and construct and practice them on her own. Hijab in context of Arab fashion holds the very basic idea of covering a women head and chest from male members outside her family.

Hijab: Arab Fashion


hijab fashion arab
This image shows a woman pulling off the traditional way of taking Hijab. The color black is associated with power, elegance and formality.

hijab fashion arab

A woman wearing pashmina hijab on jersey material dress. Pashmina hijab is easy to handle and drapes well. It is suitable for the winter season.

hijab fashion arab

This image shows a woman wearing a cheetah print hijab on a black dress. Black color itself symbolizes power and the concept of cheetah is also associated with power. Therefore, it creates a balance in the overall look of this woman.

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