Hijab for White Wedding

white wedding hijab

Hijab for white wedding varies in terms of the role a woman is going to play. It would differ based on the fact that whether the woman who wants hijab for white wedding is the bride or is a wedding guest. If she is the bride then she needs to wear hijab that is of a very thin material and has a sheen surface. The bride can either go for rose embroidery or she can go for heavy intricate embroidery with glitter on her dress. It depends entirely on the bride, the type of work she wants on her dress. Whereas the women who plan to attend the wedding as guest and wish to look chic they should not go for jersey material, neither they should go for plain dress nor for the color black. As the color black itself is very dominant which can create problems when a Muslim girl wants to pair it up with Hijab. Women cannot use shawls to create a headscarf out of it as weddings are supposed to be formal. Fashion designers use large diamantes on sheen surface to give a stunning look to the entire dress and this inspires many young girls as well. Moreover, women can take help from tutorials to determine what kind of hijab they should wear for a white wedding, as they tend to explain complex styles in a very simple manner.

Hijab Styles For White Wedding

white wedding hijab

Bride wearing white dress on her wedding along with white hijab that has heavy embroidery and bead work on it.

white wedding hijabwhite wedding hijab

Bride wearing beaded crown on her wedding. The dress is very simple overall but the crown is added as a stylistic element.