Hijab Fashion: Wedding Gowns by Designers 2016-17

In this article, we will be discussing beautiful Hijab wedding gowns by fashion designers 2016-17. These designers really have to work very hard as the demand for Hijab wedding gowns are increasing day by day! Their bridal collections are vast and gorgeous; the gowns come in all sorts of styles and designs! Sometimes the sleeves of a gown would be traditional making them long and sophisticated; however in these times we get to see exaggerated sleeves with embroidery, stonework, cutwork, sequence work done on them. They all look extremely graceful. Islamic dresses have been considered to be conservative for a very long time. But the fashion nowadays says something else. There is so much room for style and creativity when it comes to the Hijab and Abaya that Muslim women have changed the way it was perceived. The modern girl knows exactly what to wear to look beautiful while still staying in the boundaries of her religion. If you too want to learn more about such fashion, then watch the latest tutorials online, and get some fancy ideas!

Designer Wedding Gowns: The Hijab Fashion 2016-17

hijab fashion designers wedding gown 2016-17

Okay, so everything about this dress makes it look wonderful! We love the color, the bling sequences, the bow, and of course the amount of layers! This is definitely one of our favorite dresses.

hijab fashion designers wedding gown 2016-17

This is the kind of a wedding dress you would find in the subcontinent. It is flashy, and has a bit more color in it! Nevertheless we love the jewelry and the bangles! And of course the dress is just beautiful.

hijab fashion designers wedding gown 2016-17


Look at the stunning stonework on the Hijab! It’s absolutely jaw dropping sophisticated!


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