Hijab Fashion: The Indonesian Style

Indonesia caters to one of the biggest Hijab markets in the world! If you think that it has become a fashion and style hub for Hijabs; well your right a lot of new styles originate from there because it has become a tourist spot and a lot of Hijab brands have opened there. Just like in New York or Dubai, you get to see some of the best fashionistas in Indonesia as well! The street fashion there has become brilliant! The women really know what they want and what suits them! One of their best designers in Dian Pelangi! She really knows what she is doing, for the accessories and the colors she uses are amazing! She also gives tutorials online for girls like you who are waiting to be inspired! You can definitely get some great ideas for a dress from her! We have a few pictures of terpopular Dian Pelangi, just scroll down!

New Fashion: The Indonesian Style Hijab

hijab fashion style indonesia

This is a gorgeous design by Dian Pelangi, we love the coat!! We just had to share this design! From the color to the accessories to the way the Hijab has been tied… everything is perfect!

hijab fashion style indonesia

Here is another picture of her! This one is to give you an idea of how fun and confident she is about her work. We love the colors the eye makeup and of course the head piece!


hijab fashion style indonesiaThis picture was shared for the accessories! We got a lot of ideas from this and hope you do too!

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