Hijab Fashion for Muslim Girls Around the World

Hijab fashion for Muslim girl

Hijab fashion has become worldly recognized, with many styles being created for Muslim girls around the world. Today we’ll explore the best styles throughout the world, and tell you about the Hijab Fashion For Muslim Girls.

The Beginning of the Modern Era For Hijab Fashion for Muslim Girls

Over the past few years there has been a major increase in the best hijab styles developed for the needs of the modern Muslim girl. We want to look fashionable and always put our best foot forward. Here are some photos which will take you around the world and make it a bit easier to find your perfect hijab style.

Turkey Style

Hijab Turkey Fashion

The Square Scarf

In this photo, we see the perfect combination of a matching color palette. The Turkish are known for the use of the silk square scarf. It is a simple hijab style, as the scarf itself is quite detailed. You don’t need to go through much effort to pull off this look.

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Russia Style

Hijab fashion for muslim girl

Bold colors

In this image we see the use of bright and beautiful colors. Even though it’s cold outside we can still wear the bright hijab. Young girls would love this look, as they can experiment with over-sized colorful shawls and pashminas.

Indonesia Style

hijab fashion for muslim girl

Flowy Hijab

Indonesian girls are known to come up with the most amazing flowy and soft hijab styles. It is a very youthful look and worn by most muslim girls. This style is a must for the summer months.

Dubai Style

dubai hijab style

The land of the best Abayas

Dubai is dedicated to fashionable abayas. Many Muslim girls wear the abaya and there are many different styles to choose from. They have a matching scarf, which makes life so much easier. This is another look that can be dressed up in a very fashionable way.

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India Style

India hijab style

Pop of color

India is known for their bright colors and use of detailed bead work. Using the dupatta for your hijab is an excellent way to make a fashion statement.

Pakistan Style

Pakistani hijab style

Timeless classic

This photo shows Pakistani women in a bridal garment. The headpiece is quite detailed with floral embroidery. They combined the use of cotton and satin which brings some shimmer to this hijab style. This is an elegant style for Muslim girls in eastern wear.

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These are just some of the many styles muslim girls around the world use on a daily bases. Hope you found a style that interests you and hopefully you share them with us too. Until we meet again, happy styling!